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There are numerous ways, many invisible to the final consumer, which make a RINOX product better and stronger. Several RINOX innovations have been adopted world-wide and have become industry standards. Es gibt zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, viele unsichtbare fur den End kinden, die eine Rinox Produkt besser und stärker machen Mehrere Rinox Innovationen werden adoptieret weltweit und haben sich als Industrie standard erkennt.

German Innovations

There are numerous ways, many invisible to the final consumer, which make a RINOX product better and stronger. Several RINOX innovations have been adopted world-wide and have become industry standards.

A RINOX Railing has more than 300% better grip than a normal railing




RINOX products come with full warranty for complete user satisfaction and peace of mind. They have been tested and certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Various global certification bodies have given quality certification to RINOX including TU V-Sud Germany, UKAS-UK etc.

RINOX is the only RAILING company in India whose products carry the CE mark – certifying that they pass the strictest European quality norms.

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Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

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RINOX railings come with Ultra-Sonic cleaning which removes even invisible particles from deep within the surface. This ensures a brilliant shine for the railing for many years.


Quality Certificates

RINOX is the only company to offer CE, TU V & ISO certified Railings in India


European Designs

RINOX railing system has its origins in the Shwarzwald region in South Germany close to the Austrian border. Over the years, the system has become popular and has been adopted all over the world. RINOX has stayed close to its German roots and all its designs have a distinctive European feel to them.

european design


RINOX is a pioneer in Modular Railing technology which minimizes on-site welding, grinding and polishing.


100% Stainless steel

Rinox ensures that all the railing components including the screws & anchor fasteners are 100% SS 304 / 316 grade.

Material composition is one of the most important criteria in ensuring a high quality railing which will last for decades. RINOX strongly recommends that any stainless steel used in your architectural project should be minimum AISI -304 grade.

Lower grades like AISI -202 or below may give a lower cost in the beginning but will catch rust within a few months of installation which will nullify your entire investment. All Stainless steel grades generally look similar and the only way to check the quality is through a laboratory analysis of the material. The analysis usually takes 24 hours and requires a small piece of the product. RINOX offers you free material analysis of any Railing project.

RINOX is proud to offer a written certification of the materials used in all its projects. It is an indicator of our confidence in our product and ensures peace of mind for its customers.


Superior Finish

suoerior finish

RINOX takes great care to ensure that every product finds a place of pride in your home. RINOX products go through a very detailed finishing process which ensures a uniform and smooth finish to all its products. Smooth curves, fine edges, satin finish and well engineered design are the hallmark of a RINOX product.


safetyA well designed railing must offer a sense of security to the user. Every single product created by RINOX is designed from ground up keeping in mind the environment where the railing will be installed and its associated strength and safety requirements.

Secure Installation

RINOX ensures that its railings are installed with a very strong foundation. The actual site often presents various challenges for the architect. RINO X works closely with the design team to ensure the railing has firm foundation on any kind of base including marble, concrete, wood etc.

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Load Testing

Modern high-rise building present significant design challenges due to wind pressure at higher floors or in open areas like sea facing locations. RINOX has built significant experience and capabilities to calculate windload pressures and design the railing accordingly. RINOX works closely with designers and architects to install railings which are secure and ideally suited to individual project.